• Obedience Training

We Must receive the following information either by Mail or Fax before the first class is held.  

  • Veterinarian Vaccinations. We do not accept owner given shots.

  • Payment.

  • Registration form.  Please click on link below to download and print.

Registration Form.pdf


*Please do not bring information to us without calling first.

*Please make your reservation ASAP so we can reserve a place for you in our classes.  Classes fill up quickly.


  • Rabies - (4 mo. and older depending of your vets policy)
  • DHLPP - Yearly booster
  • Bordatella - For Canine Cough.  Must be given at least 14 days prior to visit if injectable, or 5 days prior to visit if oral or nasal. 

Basic Obedience:     THURSDAY - SEPT. 14, 2017 @ 7:30pm


  • 7 Classes - Held once weekly
  • First Class - Owners only-No dogs
  • Prerequisite: 4 months and Older
  • $100.00 - Paid in Advance
  • Classes cover Heel, Sit, Stay, Come, Right/Left Turns, Greeting People, etc.
  • 6 ft. nylon or leather leash and dog's favorite treat. No flexi leads.

Intermediate Obedience:   THURSDAY - AUGUST 17, 2017 - 6:30pm

  • Prerequisite:  Must have graduated from Basic Obedience.
  • $100.00 - Paid in Advance
  • Six Classes cover "Dog to human focus", "Precise & Consistent Commands", "Working towards Off-leash", etc.
  • Treats are allowed, but we will be working towards weaning away from them.

Intermediate "Advanced" - THURSDAY - JULY 13, 2017 @ 7:30pm

  • Six Classes - Held once weekly.
  • $100.00 - Paid in Advance.
  • Prerequisite:  Needs to have graduated from Basic and Intermediate Obedience.
  • Classes cover: Final Steps towards Totally "OFF LEASH" Training.

Advanced Obedience - WEDNESDAY - SEPT 13, 2017 @ 7:30pm

  • Six Classes - Held once weekly
  • $100.00 - Paid in Advance to first class.
  • Needs to have graduated from Basic and Intermediate and Intermediate "Advanced".

Classes are training "OFF LEASH"


Advanced "Traveling" Obedience -  TO BE ANNOUNCED                                             

  • Six Classes - Held at different locations weekly.
  • $100.00 - Paid in Advance
  • Need to have graduated from Basic, Intermediate, and Advance Obedience
  • Classes are training "OFF LEASH"

Residential Training

This is a 16 day Training Program where dog is boarded and trained at our facility.  Your dog will have the benefit of working with our trainer with daily sessions on basic obedience commands, plus exercise/playtime sessions during stay as well.  During 16 day stay you will be invited to come watch your dog working on his/her obedience and have a chance to work your dog as well so you have a smooth transition into training at home with your dog.  We recommend residential training to dogs age 4 months and older.

  • $600.00 Paid in advance.  This includes Boarding and Training.
  • Training covers "Basic Obedience" commands with "One on One" training.
  • During the 16 day Training Program the Trainer will have several sessions with the owner as well to show what has been accomplished with your dog, and how to continue training to have a smooth transition for training at home.

"In Home" Training

We offer training in the convenience of your own home.  Andy K. Zoll, trainer, will evaluate the behavioral issue at hand, whether it be jumping, biting, barking, food aggression, rushing door, etc.  The second visit will be training with you and your dog on the behavioral issue at hand.

  • $10 Travel Charge within 15 mile radius of Cedar Creek Canine Center.
  • $65.00 fee per session
  • Minimum: Two sessions.


We offer a "3 to 5 Day Evaluation" Program to evaluate your dog that is having Behavioral or Aggression problems.  This is to determine what course of training your dog would need - Private, Residential, or In-Home Training.  Our trainer is Andy K. Zoll for this program.

  • $50.00 per day - Covers Evaluation and Boarding.
  • Must have current veterinarian vaccinations records of Rabies, Dhlpp, and Bordatella.  Must be mailed or faxed.

Private Obedience Lessons

  • $50.00 Hourly Session with Trainer
  • $25.00 Half Hour session with Trainer

                   Cedar Creek Canine Center