Cedar Creek Canine Center


We are happy to announce our canine massage seminar that will be held at our facility on

Feb. 24, 2018 from 9am to 1pm.  Check out our canine massage page for more details. 

Winter is here, and so is the cold weather.  Protect your dogs paws, as the pads of their feet can become sensitive with the ice and salt.   

Now is a great time to get your dog trained.  Make your walks pleasurable by training your dog the heel command to walk beside you, and not pulling you.  We offer different training options for you and your dog to help with this.  

Also, please check to make sure you pets are current on all veterinarian vaccinations.  Our policy for the Canine Bordatella is a little different from everyone else.  If they are getting a renewal vaccine or the Bordatella vaccine for the first time, our policy is as follows:

BORDATELLA: Must be given at least 14 days prior to visit if new or renewed vaccination.