In 1973, Andy A. Zoll, started the business which is now known as Cedar Creek Canine Center, inc.  Andy graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in Zoology.  Andy went on to pursue his dream of training and competing English pointers and setters as a professional in the American Field Horseback Trials.

During his growing up years, Andy and his father, Dr. Andrew F. Zoll, DDS, bred, trained and competed their own English pointers in amateur stakes.  In 1972, Andy established himself as a Professional Bird Dog Trainer, training all hunting breeds, but continuing to compete in the American Field Trial Horseback Trials for his owners.  His father continued as an Amateur, and Andy and Dr. Zoll traveled and competed together for many years. 

In 2003, when Dr. Zoll's health started failing, Andy retired from the traveling circuit so he would be able to care for his father. Andy has continued to train Field Trial and all hunting breeds on his home grounds.

In 1985, Andy and Becky Zoll extended the business to include boarding and grooming, starting out in a small 12' x 12' building.  In 1990, their current boarding facility was opened in December.  During this time, the business was called Cedar Creek Kennel.  In the last 45 years the business has been expanded and now consists of Boarding, Grooming, Obedience Training, Agility, Behavioral Training, Behavior Problems, and Retriever Training.

June 1, 2010 Andy and Becky incorporated the business and the new name is Cedar Creek Canine Center, Inc.  We have been very fortunate that we can say that we are a Family Business with our son, Andy K., and his wife Cassie, Managers, our daughter Jenny Resendez helps in the Obedience Classes, our Groomer, Courtney T. and her assistant April K. , all working with us.  At times, our oldest son Jason and grandkids, Cody, Jordyn, and Drew all help out when needed.  We see our younger generation as some terrific dog trainers developing.

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