Our Policies

A copy of current veterinarian vaccinations must be faxed or mailed to us prior to visit.




         BORDATELLA - Needs to be given at least 14days prior to visit if being given or renewed.





                FELINE LEUKEMIA (recommended but not required)


Basic medication given at no charge.  Must be labeled and instructions written out. Extensive medication with have a small charge.


We find it is best to supply your pets' own food to prevent unnecessary strain to your pets' digestive system.  Please provide only the amount your pet will need in an airtight container.  No large containers please!


No Large blankets, Please!!!  We recommend a small bed/blanket, an article of clothing that smells of home, plus favorite toys or treats.

***Any pet that comes to facility with fleas, ticks or strong odor WILL BE given the appropriate bath.  Cost will be added to owners contract.

Twenty four hour care is provided for your pet, however we ask that you please observe our BY APPOINTMENT ONLY drop-off & pick up hours.  Any after hour drop-off or pick-up will be charged an additional $20.00.

  • 48 HR notification of cancellation required or 2 day board fee will be charged.
  • 24 HR notification of any change in actual pick-up time is required or full amount of contract will be charged.
  • 10% senior citizen discount off boarding if owner is 65 or older.  One discount applies per visit.
  • Reservations are required.  Boarding charges are figured by multiplying the daily charges by the number of days stayed.
  • Any portion of a day will be rounded up to a full day charge.
  • Any "Out of Hour" drop-offs or pick-ups will be charged additional $20.00


Make Reservations Early!

Summer & Holidays fill up very early.


By Appointment Only!

Monday thru Saturday

10am - Noon or 4pm - 6pm


No am hours - 4pm - 6pm

Closed Holidays!


Cedar Creek Canine Center has 18 boarding units.

  • Each unit has an inside 4' x 4' sleeping area
    with special kennel deck flooring so your pet is not sleeping on cold concrete.
  • Each unit has it's own private run that your pet has access to 24 hours a day.
  • The inside is heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer.
  • The owners live on premises 24/7 so care is provided for your pet 24/7.  Please observe the "BY APPOINTMENT ONLY" hours for drop off and pick up.
  • Outside runs are covered with a roof with special skylights so your pet is protected from sun, rain or snow.


  • A 4' x 6' run is $16.00 daily per dog*
  • A 6' x 12' run is $18.00 daily per dog*

* Take 20% Off when family dogs are boarding together.  Dogs must be able to be fed together with separate bowls.

Exercise/Playtime is $2.00 extra per session in our 3/4 acre fenced in playpark.

Kitty Kondos

  • Cats are boarded in a separate building
  • Spacious Kitty Kondos, 2' x 3' x 4' with two carpeted play shelves
  • Kitty Kondos are  $10.00 daily per cat.
  • 10% off family pets boarded together
  • Exercise/Playtime $2.00 extra daily per cat

                Cedar Creek Canine Center