Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare is for all dogs of all ages.  Our

1400 sq. ft. indoor play area is equipped with lots of

toys.  An outdoor 6' high fenced in area of 4200 sq.ft

provides plenty of fresh air, running and romping

with play buddies on the play equipment.  All

under supervision of our trained canine

professional, Cassie Zoll.  Air-conditioned in summer

and heated in the winter.

We also offer Doggy Daycare to our Boarding guests.

Doggy Daycare Fees:

  • $  10.00   One Time Evaluation Fee
  • $    5.00   Hourly Rate
  • $  15.00   Half Day (under 5 hours)
  • $  25.00   Full Day (over 5 hours)                                                                                 
  • $    6.00   Half Day/Boarding Dog
  • $ 150.00   Half Day Card (12 visits-savings of $30.00) Paid in advance.
  • $ 240.00   Full Day Card  (12 visits-savings of $60.00) Paid in advance.

Doggy Daycare Policies:

  • Current Veterinarian Vaccinations required: Rabies, Dhlpp, and Bordatella.
  • Dogs must be evaluated before coming to daycare.  Evaluations is "Appointment Only!"
  • Dogs must be spay or neutered.
  • NO AGGRESSIVE  dogs allowed.
  • No Choker or Training collars allowed.
  • Dogs must be reevaluated if they have not come to daycare for 2 consecutive months.

                Cedar Creek Canine Center



HOURS: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7am - 6pm

Probably the last Romp in the snow now that spring is here!!!